Why Cotton

  • Cotton is natural.
  • Hypo-allergenic, since it doesn't irritate sensitive skin or cause allergies.
  • Cotton's softness makes it a universally preferred fabric for underwear and other garments worn next to the skin.
  • Cotton has a high absorbency rate and at its saturation point, it can hold up to 27 times of its own weight in water (one reason it's great for tampons, liners and pads).
  • Cotton actually becomes stronger when wet.
  • Cotton breathes easily as a result of its unique fibre structure. This makes cotton more comfortable to wear compared to artificial fibres which are unable to provide similar ventilation.
  • Unlike synthetic fibres, cotton is a natural product and contains no chemicals.
  • 100% cotton tampons contain no synthetic materials, no chemicals or no dyes. What could be more natural?

Why Turkish Cotton

Turkish Cotton has a high quality content, grown in the Aegean part of Turkey where there are more sunny and less rainy days, which is a perfect environment for cotton.

Turkish Cotton is one of the most preferred type of cotton in the world because of it's certain characteristics:

  • Turkish Cotton has a long lasting texture and natural shine.
  • Turkish Cotton has long fibers: The fibers of Turkish cotton are naturally narrow in diameter and long, which means more threads can fit into the cloth per square inch.
  • Turkish Cotton is extremely absorbent: Turkish Cotton has more threads. More threads mean more absorbency. That's why Turkish Cotton is extremely absorbent, and natural absorbency is better for bathrobes and towels while other less absorbent cotton types are good for t-shirts and other clothing.
  • Turkish Cotton is incredibly soft: Turkish Cotton is also known as it's softness without any process, and this can not be matched by other cottons without chemical processing.
  • Washing instructions for Turkish Cotton: Turkish Cotton is best when washed in warm water with like colors. It must be dried tumble dry with medium or low heat so the threads are kept in it's original condition for a long time.