Quality Control

Aslanlı has secured its production and quality of its production that is in line with global standards with the diverse quality system it applies.

We test our raw materials before we accept them to our factory in order to be sure about their suitability to our standards that we set before.

Aslanli produces bleached cotton according to technical specifications determined by analytical methods at regulated standards. ( i.e. European Pharmacopoeia, US Pharmacopoeia ,British Pharmacopoceia ) In all stages of production, quality control tests are carried out at our fully functional laboratory in order to achieve the highest quality control standards.

In our Laboratory, we officiate the duties of supervision and guidance with up-to-date methods on from raw material to the final production, and customer feedbacks; the quality continuity ensured with tests and as the process is being recorded, we can manage customer complaints instantly.

Another subject that is of notice in regards to the sustainability of the standards is that Aslanlı Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with new generation test equipment. Some of the high-tech devices we have in the laboratory that are the fruit of our business understanding that comprises working with scientific methods can only be found in Aslanlı in our country, Turkey.

We see our Quality Control Laboratory as an important element with regards to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, and we aspire to uphold our determination to continue to invest in this area.