Aslanlı is a family company, founded and managed by Uysal Family.
The Family started to operate in the cotton industry and continued to operate as follows:
John Doe


Founder Father Alparslan Uysal goes into cotton trade and lays the foundations of company.
John Doe


Cotton Gin Mill in Antalya was
built and started to run.
1970’s: Starting the production of Absorbent Cotton wool with a partnership.


Withdrawal from partnership and laying the foundation of Absorbent Bleached Cotton plant in Kırklareli, located in the northwestern part of Turkey.
1997: Aslanlı begins Bleached Cotton Fiber production.
1999: Aslanlı adds new bleaching halls and becomes one of the biggest capacities in the World.
2000: Aslanlı begins all kind of Cotton Waste Cleaning.
2002: Aslanlı begins Recycled Cotton Fiber production.
2013: With modernizing the production lines, capacity has extended to increase efficiency.
2016: Modernizing all bleaching halls with highest technology.