Cotton with its sustainable,  renewable  and  biodegradable  features  is  an  environmentally friendly,  excellent  choice of  fiber.  Besides, natural,  soft,   durable,   absorbent,   and   hypoallergenic  features of  the  cotton make  it  the most preferred fiber in almost every field.

With   these   superior  featured   and   environmentally  friendly  cotton  fibers,  Aslanli  produces  'Absorbent Bleached  Cotton  Fibers'  with  its  information  and  technology  that  is  constantly  improving. Aslanlý proudly serves to its business partners with a reliable quality.
In 2016 after the additional capacity has stepped in, current capacity has become 22.000 tons/year; providing Aslanli to be among the biggest cotton fiber bleachers in the world.
While  we  are  doing  our  business,  we  never  forget our primary mission which is to leave a better World to our next generations.