Our Business



Our factory is located in north-west of Turkey in the city of Kýrklareli, 200 km from Istanbul. We claim that it is one of the most modern plants in the industry.

We carry out our productions in 2 facilities which were constructed on 45.000 m2 open and 23.000 m2 indoor spaces with 22.000 tons of annual processing capacity.

The water required for our production is provided from the licensed wells which are located in our plant, and they are periodically analyzed as well. The steam needed for the production is provided by 2 steam generators located in two different locations in our plant. In all stages of the production, with our highly trained employees and our equipments, we show the maximum importance to our quality.

We also pay maximum attention for the protection of the environment and natural resources. We collect some portions of the process water and recycle it, thus, water becomes usable again.

Our waste water is discharged in our waste water treatment facility and becomes compatible for the environment.