Our Business



Most of our costs come from cotton fiber prices. It is easy to understand to what extent purchasing is important for our business.

Cotton is a commodity that prices show daily changes. Being predictive and following the seasonal trends of cotton continuously with the scientific data is extremely important to our business.

With its approximately 60 years of experience, Aslanlý shows maximum effort to purchase the cotton fibers at the best price with high quality for its partners. Within this context, our company is able to purchase cotton not only from our own geography but also from all around the world.

In a significant portion of our production, we use relatively short fiber cotton combers which were allocated in the turning process of the cotton into the yarn.

Aslanlý regularly purchases cotton combers from the most modern spinning mills of Turkey and the World that it has strong relationships with, and pays maximum attention to increase the quality together with its suppliers.

The chemical auxiliaries that we use during bleaching of the cotton are supplied from the world's leading chemical suppliers. We are in constant contact with these companies to obtain the superior quality in our production and we have been making new trials in periodic basis.