Aslanlý is a family company, founded and managed by Uysal Family.
The Family started to operate in the cotton industry and continued to operate as follows:

1950’s: Founder,
Father Alparslan Uysal
goes into cotton trade
and lays the
foundations of company.

1960’s: Cotton Gin
Mill in Antalya was
acquired and
started to run.

1970’s: Starting the production of Absorbent Cotton wool with a partnership.
1980’s: 2nd generation who were educated in engineering participated in the operation.

1996: The Family
withdraws from partnership
and lays the foundation of
Absorbent Bleached Cotton
plant in Kýrklareli, in the
northwestern part of Turkey

1997: Aslanlý begins with a production capacity of 5000 tons annually.
1999: Aslanlý brings its annual production capacity to 8000 tons per year.
2002: Aslanlý brings its production capacity to 12.000 tons per year and activates Cotton Cleaning Line and Cotton Tearing& Carding Lines units.

2006: With renovations in production lines, Aslanlý brings its production capacity to 15.000 tons per year.
2012: With getting license of organic cotton production, new products are added into its product range.
2013: By revising and modernizing the production lines, the production capacity is brought to 18.000 tons per year, thus, cost saving is provided as well.
2013: 3rd generation completed their higher education and begins to work within the company.
2016: After the additional capacity has stepped in, current capacity has become 22.000 tons/year; providing Aslanli to be among the biggest bleachers in the world.

2014: By adding and
modernizing new devices
to the lab, the company
starts to work on innovation
and fiber engineering.